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Dogpatch, USA, was a theme park nestled in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas from 1968 until 1993. During its heyday, Dogpatch, USA, welcomed thousands of guests, who were intrigued and captivated by it’s many characters, based on the popular comic strip, Li’l Abner, created by Al Capp.


UPDATE: 3-1-2019

We are currently working on getting the DVD artwork ready. We hope to release the DVD within 30-60 days. Stay tuned for more information. Thank you!

Iconic Images from Dogpatch USA

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We are thankful to everyone has purchased the film so far, we appreciate you and hope you are enjoying it!

"Just received my dvd copy in the mail today and enjoyed it so much! Dogpatch has always had a special place in my heart. It always takes me back to my childhood and the many family vacations spent at the park. The documentary was a wonderful trip down memory lane and I thank you for that." -Allan Baldridge

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It has been an amazing journey making a documentary film about the history of this much-loved theme park! This project began 2 years ago and we are proud to announce that it is now available on DVD. You can get your limited edition copy by visiting ...Thank you for your support! We hope you can take a step back in time and remember, as we do, the fantastic place and people that made up Dogpatch USA. 😍😍 ...

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The first batch of DVD orders were shipped out today! Get yours at ...

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