Dogpatch, USA, was a theme park nestled in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas from 1968 until 1993. During its heyday, Dogpatch, USA, welcomed thousands of guests, who were intrigued and captivated by it’s many characters, based on the popular comic strip, Li’l Abner, created by Al Capp.


UPDATE: 3-1-2019

We are currently working on getting the DVD artwork ready. We hope to release the DVD within 30-60 days. Stay tuned for more information. Thank you!

Iconic Images from Dogpatch USA

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Film update.... We are finalizing the DVD artwork today. We are excited to have Dogpatch Documentary film available on DVD and Video on demand in the next 60 days. Keep watching for a official release date!!!

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We sincerely appreciate all of you following our page and supporting the film!! We are waiting to hear back from local theaters on possible showing dates. Hannover House media has done an amazing job in helping us to work out the premiere event this week and our plan to move forward in getting this in as many theaters as possible in Arkansas. The movie will go to DVD and streaming regardless of what happens in 2019, we will keep you posted on those dates. Again, we appreciate you all and know this process has been frustrating to you all and us as well. You guys are amazing! ...

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